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Welcome To The Mindset Mile

And I’m so happy you’re here. I’m a fitness enthusiast, advocate for human potential and business mentor with five years of experience as a successful entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry. I’m passionate about going all out and living life outside my comfort zone; I believe when we do so we light up the world and give others permission to do the same. Through building my business, marathon training, 10 years as a CrossFit athlete and self proclaimed go-getter, I’ve learned that the secret to any success lies in the process of taking small, consistent action over time. My mission is to dispel the idea that to achieve happiness and success you must take quantum leaps towards it and empower you to know that everything you need to get to your big goals is already within you. I believe this wholeheartedly and I am excited to bring it to light. It’s time to double down on yourself because after it’s all said and done, we will never regret the chances we took on ourselves. You ready?

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